How Do You Put It All Together ?

We'll teach you: 

  • the importance of a content calendar 
  • how to generate ideas for content and
  • ways to schedule it so that when you don't have time to tweet or post, it's already done for you.

What Tools Do You Actually Need?


  • In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views
  • A post on Facebook that includes an album or picture receives 120 to 180% more engagement from fans than a text-based post
  • ​42% of Twitter users utilize the platform to discover more information about a product or service
  • The Instagram network's user base is nearly 70% female
  • 35.2% of Tumblr visitors have a household income greater than $100,000
  • Pinterest now drives more referral traffic than Google +, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined

The worst thing for your business is to not be involved in the conversation that is happening online about your business. Well, that might not be all true. What if no one is talking about your business at all? Yikes!

Using social media strategically, we can help you get in the conversation, create a positive profile online, build relationships and generate leads.

Not only are there lots of options online but there are lots of options for how your business gets online.

​With 8.7 million adults using the Internet to search for health information online, you need to be part of that conversation.  Once you understand the value and ease with which social media can promote your business, you might even want to learn to do it yourself. Great! We LOVE teaching people the best ways to use social media. But if it's still not your thing? That's great too. We'll still show you how everything works but we'll keep the engine humming for you.

Tweet. Post. Like. Tumble. Search. Follow. Hashtag. Avatar. Bitly. Owly. Conversion Rate. Ebook. Whitepaper.  ​Subject Matter Expert. Favorite. Impressions. Meme. RSS. SEO. Social Proof. Groupthink. Tag. Troll. Viral.

Want to get started on learning more about social media? Great!

Click on the how to and get your own copy!

Why be on every platform available when that's not where you customers are? That wastes your time, resources and opportunity to generate traffic to your website.

We'll work with you to determine the best places for you to be and what you can manage. After all - if the plan is for you to talk about your business, why make it complicated? There's no point in making a plan if it isn't manageable.

Why Does Your Business Need Social Media?

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