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What is podcasting? It's one of the fastest growing means of online promotion for businesses. 


  • not for profits
  • business development
  • process development and mediation
  • health care
  • ​health coaching

Let's chat. You. Me. And the microphone.


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Who Sits Across the Desk?

Great question! Across the Desk with Elizabeth Plouffe focuses on business owners in the Halton Region. 

What type of business owners have we had? Well, they've been from:

  • gamified sales training
  • handmade jewelry
  • business coaching
  • music
  • marketing
  • digital media

Want to profile your business on Across the Desk? Great!

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Is it all business?

Yep. Pretty much. After all that's what most entrepreneurs and small business owners are interested in. Is it all the same topics? Not at all. In fact there is also Wise Word Wednesday's, Across the Apothecary, branded series with guests, Ballsy and Getting to Know Me. Lots of great information for everybody!

​Where can you catch it?

Have you got the Guts?

Entrepreneurial Entrails is all about the lessons learned during the entrepreneurial experience. Well my experience anyway. I have the chance to learn from a lot of talented people, I read like a crazy person and I've had 4 businesses. So I've done the 'trep thing a few times. Now though? It's serious. And serious business requires a serious podcast.

This isn't that.

I cover communication and business tips, lessons learned from pro's like Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Success Magazine and colleagues who occasionally blow me away.