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Seminars are usually shorter in length (1-3 hours) and tend to have more marketing messaging involved. People are coming to learn more about your business overall vs. a particular topic and info is delivered from the front of the room similar to a lecture.

Workshops have an expectation of interaction vs lecture style delivery of the information with facilitated activities. Workshops can be done in hours or days depending on what you are trying to accomplish. 

Time to go big with a conference or trade show?

Conferences are a lot of work but very worthwhile if done right. Conferences can: 

  • reach larger audiences than smaller events
  • bring together multiple speakers to share the load
  • provide huge value for attendees
  • create opportunity to add interesting side workshops

Trade shows are a fantastic way to broaden your exposure, enlarge your network and connect with industry experts. 

Want to Start Small?  Rise and Shine! 

A Learning Breakfast is a 30 - 60 minute presentation to potential clients or patients who are interested in learning more about what you can do for them is a great way to start a conversation. Better yet? Partner with other professionals in your industry to double or triple your audience and build even more relationships!

This easy format is a simple but very effective way to share knowledge and build trust with potential clients.

Workshop or Seminar?

These types of events are a low cost, high impact opportunity to get out in the community and build relationships with existing and potential clients. How? Because they make your expertise:

  • understandable for different learning styles
  • ​affordable for those who are starting out​
  • available for other pro's to connect to and co-create or co-host

Is there a difference between a seminar and workshop? Yes. Should you know the difference? Not really. But we do.

Networking and developing relationships are key to the growth and development of any business.  Don't let the advance of the digital age fool you: the handshake and face to face are not dead ways of connecting to your clients. And we don't mean just in the office. They are alive and well and growing businesses all around you! We've coordinated events in Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Toronto, Mississauga and Waterloo. Have clipboard - will travel.

Events such as learning breakfasts, seminars or participating in expo's or trade shows are great ways to share your expertise, connect with new clients and establish your expertise within the allied health professional community.

Big or small: we can make it happen.

MCV COMMUNICATIONS can get you on track for what you need to attend a trade show:

  • marketing materials such as pop up banners, one pagers and media kits
  • branded swag for those that visit your table
  • helping your table stand out and attract clients
  • organizing the teams' travel and accommodations
  • ​finding the right events and tradeshows for your business
  • attendance promotion and strategic positioning
  • incentive offers
  • ​staying on budget
  • ​connecting during the show with industry leaders and clients

6 Ways To Promote Your Business Through Events

  • Pick a section of your industry and showcase how your business is the best at providing the right solutions.
  • Engage on social media before, during and after your event to answer questions and share insights.
  • Use a registration platform that creates a mailing list for you and then follow up with those warm leads.
  • Make sure to provide a memorable moment at the event that is unique and stands out such as Nitrogen Ice Cream for dessert!
  • If you have speakers covering a variety of topics, make sure to share the resources with your attendees after.​​​
  • ​Stand out by saying an authentic thank you! Through email, social media, in person - however you can so people know you value the time and money they spent to attend your event!

MCV COMMUNICATIONS can be the organizer for a conference, handling details such as:

  • programming
  • speakers
  • marketing
  • venue
  • catering
  • promotion
  • partnerships
  • sponsorships
  • budgeting
  • worksbacks / deadlines
  • media