MCV Communications

Would you like to learn about communications instead of just relying on someone else? Great! We LOVE that!

We'll work with you to teach you, or your staff, whatever you want to know about communications, social media, web content and more. Through our strategy session, we'll identify the most affordable, effective and manageable tools for you to use. After that? We'll provide support until  you are tweeting, posting and getting followed like a pro!

Have you got someone working the comms but need some fresh ideas?

Sometimes if your communications are stalling, it's time to pull in some fresh brain power. Communications is so creative heavy that everybody hits a roadblock now and again. Or if you've set up a team for your business but the comms chair is still empty, maybe you need someone to take the helm for a bit. We can work with you on short or long term contracts to make sure all your hard work is getting the attention it deserves!

How do we do this?

  • If you've already got a comms plan, then great! A quick review will make sure everything is going according to plan and we'll discuss where some tweaks might be needed
  • Need some new ideas? We use white boarding, mind mapping and other tools to come up with some new ideas
  • ​Have some people in mind to fill the position but not quite ready to commit? We'll work with you to create a comms plan that can be implemented right away and be there for anyone to take over

Learn and Delegate

MCV COMMUNICATIONS specializes in:

  • Blog and article creation          
  • Editing          
  • Newsletter creation          
  • Website copy          
  • Marketing messaging          
  • Video scripts         
  • Health care communication (yes, this is a category all it's own. Messing up testicle and tuberculosis is not an option)

What do we share in a newsletter?

Interested in what's going on but no time for the day to day?

Great! We'll teach you whatever you want to know so you understand what's going on and when. Why is this important? Because your involvement in the process is key to the success of communicating better for your business. Once the learning is done, we'll work with you to develop a communication strategy that allows you to be involved as little or as much as you want. Then we take care of the rest.

What Are Your Business Communications Needs?

How do we do this?

  • we'll start the same way as the DIY but we'll keep it as basic as possible. This depends on how organized you are ;)
  • we'll go over the tools so that you can be involved in opportunities for real time engagement if you are at events or something comes up you'd like to address
  • with your budget and business goals in mind, we'll set up a communication schedule that builds in once a month check ins through face to face or phone calls to make sure we're all still on the same page
  • we'll set up a shared cloud file so that you can share product or service updates

Learn and DIY

Writing is the first step to building trust with your patients or clients online.

The minute you start sharing your expertise in an honest and relateable way, you start to connect with people.  That's why it's critical to get it right.

  • Conversational but professional tone.
  • Topics that are easy to understand and helpful.
  • Correct spelling.
  • And content that follows the 80 / 20 rule.

If that doesn't sound like you or the person you have being your voice, then what kind of relationships are you building? 

  • upcoming events
  • recent podcasts
  • communication tips for you to use right away
  • links to interesting sites to help your business

Same questions. You still need to look.

Need Some Services Once In a While? 

​We do that too.

Some questions to think about before we meet

Learn More About Getting Started on Social Media

Does This Sound Familiar?

Want a sneak peek at the content calendar process?

Learn and Teamwork

How do we do this?

  • we'll review your current comfort level with communications and social media: what are you doing now? How are your accounts set up? How much time do you have to dedicate? What do you need to learn vs want to learn?
  • we'll work with you to determine your goals for communicating better: establishing an online presence, positioning as a subject matter expert, building online relationships and conversations, increasing sales
  • we'll help you create a content schedule that will allow you to see up to six months in advance what you are going to be talking about and where so that communicating gets very simple, very quickly.
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