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How about both? The goal of Ballsy Women in Business is to do away with the traditional women in business group. Why? Because what most of us REALLY need is an opportunity to problem solve, get great ideas for our business and have a circle of people who will help us achieve our goals. That's Ballsy. It's free and it's valuable for your business.

  1. Resource sharing
  2. Larger community connection
  3. Building relationships with mutual value between members
  4. Non-judgemental feedback during discussion or presentations
  5. Exposure for business – online and through membership
  6. Team for your business
  7. Proactive step in growing your business
  8. Expanding knowledge base
  9. Build strong business connections
  10. Safe environment to share business problems
  11. Overcome self-limiting behavior and impact on business
  12. Accountability partners
  13. Deep dive discussions
  14. NOT networking but network building
  15. Group will be meeting evenings, mornings and online allowing for flexibility in attending.

We are currently a small but mighty group of over 30 members but this has been intentional. Our goal is to bring together women who are committed to their business success and being a part in the rise of other women in business throughout Halton.

We have women in communications, tech development, HVAC services, custom jewelery, mortgage services, corporate training and more. There will be someone who can relate to your business challenges and cheer your successes.

Who are our members?

If you are serious about your business and want to learn more,  get in touch!

Do you want to build your business or network?

Women entrepreneurs are a unique breed. We are ballsy, bold, brave, scared poopless and willing to keep going forward anyway.  
We get together to blow off steam, discuss real business problems, find solutions and not feel so freaking alone when things go sideways.

We will soon be offering 3 different opportunities to meet by partnering with the Women In Tech group of Silicon Halton. Strange twist - they don't focus on tech. They too are focused on building business solutions but without software.  We'll have one evening meeting a month with speakers and workshops. One breakfast morning per month for deeper dives and discussions. One online meeting a month in case your schedule just gets out of control. Because that happens right? And eventually an online chat room where if you need help right away, we'll try and get it for you.

Are you up for joining us? We meet at Pane Fresco for breakfast, business and forming relationships with other brave, ballsy broads :) Breakfast is on you but success? That's up to all of us!

Our Value Proposition